Acme Delivery

Acme Delivery

Adding Speed to your Deliveries


We make it easy for Online Sellers to deliver

Your total end-to-end eCommerce and eBay courier, with unrivaled capabilities to provide logistics solutions for small and large business.

Orders are often Delivered within 24 hours!

Who We Are

About Us

Acme Delivery is Parcel and Package Delivery Company based in Sri Lanka. Offering a secure and surprisingly reliable alternative to the Post Office of consumers and small shops / business. Our website enables you to send your Product / Package, from small Packets to large Parcels to the customer’s doorsteps throughout Sri Lanka.

Our Delivery service is all about on time hand off in a safe and secure condition. In that note Acme Delivery is with you to do a perfect hand off.

Our mission, Provide a quality service to the customer satisfaction.

What Are You Looking For?


Automated quoting and booking
Pick up and delivery.


Reliable service on small, medium or large volumes.

Families and Personal

Sending and receiving small items to Sending large packages.