"The top level institute for producing the island best results year after year"

ACME Academy of Science is the leading institution dedicated towards providing academic knowledge for Science and Maths Stream students, who plan to face the GCE A/L Examination with confidence and achieve success. With one of the most experienced lecturing panels in Sri Lanka, ACME Academy of Science boasts of state of the art facilities and innovative methods of teaching aimed at complete understanding of the subject.

In addition to the above, the ACME Academy also provides students with the opportunity of studying the languages of the world through the ACME Institute of Languages. Equipped with an innovative panel of tutors and language learning tools, students can obtain further knowledge in languages such as French, Italian, German, and Japanese to name a few, as well as a professional knowledge of English to suit today's job market.

To further aid the educational activities at ACME, materials such as books and tutorials to name a few will be provided to all students at the institute through the ACME Publications Department. Well known texts, as well as new publications written by the tutors are also readily available to students at an over the counter basis, giving students better opportunities towards understanding the subject.

Auxiliary Concentre of Methodical Education(ACME)


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